Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Miss the Big Sprint 4-Day Sale 2/5-2/8

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being back in school, I need to have a cell phone with me. My son's school needs to be able to reach me in case of an emergency. I have to be able to access my email if a class is canceled. Since I am on a tight budget, I cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a cell phone. I was thrilled when I learned Sprint has a sale going on from 2/5 until 2/8 on their online site.


Sprint is offering the Nexus S™ 4G for FREE when you open a new line of service or add to your account. A few of the great features this phone offers is built-in Google apps, integrated Google Voice™ service, 4G speed and a superfast processor. This phone would definitely come in handy at school. The faster the better for me.

Facebook_EVO 3D.jpg

Or you could purchase the HTC EVO™ 3D for only $49.99 when you open a new line of service or add to your account. This phone is really cool as you can capture and share pictures in 3D. That is really amazing and I would make my classmates jealous with this very high tech phone.

Sprint is also waiving the activation fee for new lines of service and free shipping on site. Hurry as this 4-Day sale will end on 2/08/2012. You do not want to miss out on these great savings.

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Win a Kindle Fire at Freetail Therapy


I want a Kindle Fire from Amazon really badly to use for school. I was excited to see this giveaway going on at Freetail Therapy blog. This blog has come together with several others to give away a Kindle Fire. The giveaway ends on 2/11 so hurry and get your entries in and click here to enter.

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this blog or any of the other blogs hosting this giveaway. I came across it while surfing other blogs, and thought I would share this awesome giveaway with my readers. I am not being compensated for posting this giveway.*

Try the Inviting Scents of New Glade® Expressions™

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know I love coming home to a fresh smelling house. I also want my guests to feel welcome when they are in my home. I was excited to try the new Glade® Expressions™ Fragrance Mist & Oil Diffuser products.

I have tried the new Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist and I find it so easy to use. The best part is you peel off the label which then becomes an attractive bottle that fits in with my decor. It does not scream to guests I am a fragrance can. The cans are refillable so you can change the scents out if you wish. - Glade Expressions Air Fresheners

I prefer to use oil diffusers in my bedroom so I just place it and I'm done. I have placed the new Glade® Expressions™ oil diffuser in Pineapple & Mangosteen which comes with a bamboo colored diffuser. It matches my decor perfectly. The diffuser has a no-spill design and does not need to be plugged in. It saves my outlets for items that I might need to have plugged in plus saves money on my electric bill. It easy to change by just changing out the oil bottle. The oil diffuser will last 30 days.

The available fragrances are Pineapple & Mangosteen, Cotton & Italian Mandarin (only available in Fragrance Mist form), Fuji Apple & Cardamom, and Spice Lavender & Juniper Berry.

So if you are ready to try the new Glade® Expressions™ products, then print out a $1.50 coupon which can be used at Walmart on thenew Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist to save even more money.

The best part is Glade's® satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Mail the original UPC and purchase receipt within 30 days (Click here to complete the form if unsatisfied). This is a great offer so you have nothing to lose by trying.

What fragrance or item will you try? I currently use the Cotton & Italian Mandarin fragrance mist in my bathroom and the Pineapple & Mangosteen oil diffuser in my bedroom.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

TMR Frugal Living Tip #90

Today's thrifty living tip is use baking soda to whiten your teeth. I know you can purchase toothpaste made with baking soda, but I don't find they work all that well. Those whitening strips are very expensive even with coupons and sales.

I find the very best way to whiten my teeth is to use plain baking soda. I make a paste with a teaspoon of baking soda, a pinch of salt, and add a little water. Use that paste to brush your teeth. You could also just sprinkle a little on a wet toothbrush. I find the paste cleans better. I then rinse my mouth well with water. You can use a little hydrogen peroxide, but be careful to never ingest peroxide (even food grade). I would suggest if you ever want to swish with peroxide then mix it with an equal amount of water.

I only use this mixture once to twice a month. Baking soda is abrasive and will wear away the enamel if used often. My dentist reassured me it is safe to use but not daily. He recommends no more than once a week at most, but said every other week would be safer. My teeth are not overly stained so I stick to once a month.

Have you tried baking soda as a tooth whitener? If you have, then what were your results?

Join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club for Big Savings

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am constantly looking for ways to lower my costs. With the ever increasing costs of prescription medications, I was thrilled to learn about the special discount Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is offering. This is a wonderful plan for both families and individuals. Walgreens is a great pharmacy that is open 24 hours a day with lots of locations around the United States.

For only $35 a year, a family membership covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse and dependents aged 22 and younger plus your pets. Individuals will only pay $20 a year. This is a great savings plus you can get prescriptions covered for your pets. 

There are many other benefits you will receive through the savings club other than discount prices on your prescriptions. You will receive savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications. Discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nedbulizers, and diabetic supplies. Plus receive bonuses on any Walgreens brand products and photo services. I love to use many of the Walgreens brand products especially on their vitamins and supplements. 

Show your support by following Walgreens on Twitter and liking Walgreens on Facebook. I also get their emails for special discounts and coupons plus their weekly ads. I know I save more money by shopping Walgreens.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

EntreCard Top Droppers for January

WOW! Another month down in the new year of 2012! I can't believe it's already February which is my birthday month. Yes I celebrate a whole month of me! Just kidding, but I will be turning another year in 20 more days. No I will not be sharing my age as a lady never tells her age.

I want to thank all the people who drop my blog regularly. My new blog theme has been installed on Wordpress as early this morning. I should be in my home very soon. I am so excited, and I cannot wait for everyone to see my new blog theme.

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6. My Kids Are My World

7. The Ad Master

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9. Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beautify Your House and Garden with Dig, Drop, Done Bulbs

This post brought to you by Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is quickly approaching, and I am already planning my spring garden. I love using bulbs as they are super easy to plant. Anyone can dig a hole in the ground, drop in a bulb, cover it back up with dirt, and water. Viola, you are done. Planting is a really fun project you can do with the kids. They learn how plants grow by watching the bulbs grow into beautiful plants or flowers.

I was relieved to find very easy bulbs to plant in my garden at "Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done" website. This site is very well laid out and easy to navigate so visit to learn more.

While you are there, you will meet three ladies named Marcy, Juliana, and Evelyn. All three have great tips to share with you on these wonderful bulbs and video clips you can watch. Marcy, The Super Mom, is the lady I mostly related to as I am also a mom looking for kid friendly projects.

You can do many fun family projects using bulbs to decorate inside the house. Why not use an old watering can as a planter. Just use your imagination or have the kids help you come up with creative planters. Mother's Day is coming up so planting bulbs now would make great gifts for the grandmothers or any mom.

Visit Curbside Chaos to use the Garden Guru Tool located in the bottom left of the screen. This is a very handy tool to pick out the best bulbs to grow in your area.


The first step is to pick your country, and then find your area on the map. You will then click on the colored square that is your planting zone. That will bring you to which month you want the bulbs to bloom. You will see choices based on your selection and mine was for April. I have always loved how pretty Crocus looks. The tool also tells you how to plant that particular bulb. This is a great tool.


"Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done" is giving away a $5,000 yard makeover! All you have to do to enter is submit a photo of your yard at website. Wait, there is more to this great giveaway! The lucky winner will also receive a visit from Taniya Nayak. This is very exciting as I love her show and trust her advice. She will give you creative ways to update your yard, and help you add more bulbs to make your house stand out from your neighbors.

For every share on Twitter, "Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done" will donate $1.00 to Rebuilding Together. This is a great nonprofit working to make home ownership affordable and revitalizing communities.

Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood with easy and affordable bulbs this year!

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