Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Great Device

A couple of years ago my computer was so infested with spyware and viruses that I had to wipe it and start over. I thought I had saved all my pictures but when I tried to restore them then nothing happened. I was very upset so I decided then it was time to buy a flash memory device of some sort. I finally decided on a USB flash pen drive that could hold 2GB of memory. I got it for under $25 and it works great. I love that I can download my pics onto my friends/relatives computers. I don't even have a 1GB used yet so it holds lots of pictures.


Natalie said...

Wish my husband had done this with our tax information...He did back up our pictures of our 3 kids but forgot to backup the tax files for the last 6 or so years! argh!
I told my husband when we realized that the tax info was gone that he better be glad that the pics are still there or we would be getting a divorce j/k.
But yeah something that people should really think about before doing that:) Great blog by the way!
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