Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer is Almost Over

School starts on August 7th so our summer is much shorter for us, but we also got out of school on May 21st. I just can't believe it's almost August. The days are really flying. I can't say I will miss this heat. I'm ready for cooler weather. Not cold but just not mid 90's everyday.


Atniz said...

Yes. Maybe, it is time to prepare early for Christmas. Left another 3 1/2 months only.

julia said...

Hi Bonnie
Love your blog. Have yet to visit your others but I am on my way. How do you manage so many and keep them fresh? I am working hard to keep mine going. Would love feedback from you as you seem to really have it together. I am a working mom...currently traveling with my three teens...lots of hilarity. Found you thru Entrecard


Bonnie said...

I have a year round gift closet that I keep presents in so I shop all year long. I always hit the after Christmas sales for birthday presents.

Thank you so much Julia for the kind words. I just started the others recently so I'm still trying to juggle them all. It's really not easy but I am having a lot of fun writing.