Thursday, July 24, 2008

TMR Frugal Living Tip #11

Today's thrifty tip is clean your jewelry with toothpaste. This works wonderful and a huge tube of Ultra-Brite is 88 cents at my Wal-Mart. Even a tube at a dollar is cheap and will last for months. The expensive cleaners are at least $4.00 a box. I just use an old toothbrush or a cheap 50 cent one from the store. My rings come out sparkling, but just be sure to close the sink drain before cleaning.


jenny-up the hill said...

This is a great tip...I've been using toothpaste to clean my rings for fact, I need to do that now! lol!

Holly said...

Another great and frugal ring cleaner is amonia. My jeweler recommended one part amonia one part water. Soak for a couple minutes then scrub with old toothbrush. RIng comes out sparkling like new!