Monday, August 11, 2008

Rite-Aid Rebates

I must say that I love doing the Rite-Aid rebates. My only real disappointment is that my store rarely has the advertised items in stock so I can't always get the free items. I did get my check for July today and I requested it the last week of July. It was shipped on the 4th of this month so that is very fast processing. I wished Walgreens would implement an online rebate redemption system like RA. My check was for $29.32! I spent $32.xx this past week on the great FAR items. I have $27.95 pending already for the month. I saved an extra $12 in coupons. I got a free can of Old Spice shaving cream since the razors had a peelie. That was a nice freebie I wasn't expecting.

Thanks to 1stopmom for letting me know that I can now enter my receipts online to Walgreens. I knew there were testing this, in select areas, but no clue it was open for everyone. I was able to put in one yesterday and saved it. I will report back when I'm ready to fully submit it. Thanks again my readers. You guys rock!


Carole said...

Wow, you are rockin' the rebates - good for you!!

Btw, I tagged you here:

MsFit said...

That's really neat.
There is no rite-aid where I live only walgreens.
I wish I could do that, sounds really neat.

by the way can I be added to your blog roll?
I'm adding your blog to mine right away.

"Quests of a MsFit"

let me know, thanks!

1stopmom said...

You know with Walgreens you can enter your receipt for rebates online. If you get the rebates put on a gift card you get the rebate quicker plus 10%