Friday, August 22, 2008

Sale on Kids Sized Crocs!

I know some people think they are ugly. For those that love these shoes, then REI has the Cayman Crocs in kid sizes on sale. It's only 3 colors: Red, Sea Blue, and Coral. They are priced $8.83 and have various sizes in stock. I bought a pair of red ones for my son. Shipping was $5.99 for a total of $14.82 which is a great deal. You can get Free Shipping to any REI store. If you are signed up with BigCrumbs then go thru them to earn cash back. Hurry since I'm sure these will go quickly. Click on the link below for the sale.

Croc Sale


Sara said...

They are ugly, but sooo comfortable. I have two pairs for me, none for the Little Monkey yet.

Bonnie said...

I hesitated for months to buy a pair. I am so glad I did. They are so comfortable and I got chocolate brown so they don't look too hideous. LOL! I need to buy hubby a pair. I call my son monkey as well since he was such a climber. Ok he still is at times.