Friday, September 12, 2008

Bring Your Files with You!

I love having a flash drive to keep all my important documents, files, and pictures. They are so thin and light weight that you can put it in your key chain, purse, or pocket. I can download them to any computer and I won't lose my important pictures to a hurricane. If you don't have one, then I would highly recommend buying one. They are very inexpensive so no excuse not to get one.


Cy said...

This post is great because it reminds me to get this done. I keep putting it off. It could be invaluable someday. Thanks.

yellowflower said...

Yes, great reminder and glad you and your family are ok. Curious how the kids reacted to the whole thing. How about a post on that?
My son, age 7, still terribly afraid of storms. I'm not nuts about them either. :)

Kungfugirl said...

I am new at blogging. Please check out my first few posts and would welcome any tips. Thanks.