Saturday, November 29, 2008

Changing Technology

I just find it amazing how quickly technology is changing. I bought a 2GB flash card about 6 months ago for $25. I just went to the Black Friday sale at Office Depot and could buy a 16GB flash card for $30! I know it's a loss leader to get you in the door to hopefully spend more, but I was still shocked at how much memory you got for the price. One thing I do to save money, with so much new technology coming out, is to wait a year or two to buy it. I also try to buy used when I can. If you are in the market for a used cisco, then save yourself some money.


Kim said...

We were just commenting on the same thing yesterday when we were purchasing some computer-related items. Hopefully the quality is not being compromised - the last 16gb I bought lasted a week and I lost a few versions of a file I was working on.

Kristine said...

You'll love this then, in 2006, the 64 GB drive went for $5000 bucks!!! Might as well buy a computer.