Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TMR Frugal Living Tip #44

Today's thrifty tip is think before you spend. I'm extremely guilty of this one as well. I see something on sale, and my eyes light up. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I see items that are deeply discounted. I have to stop myself and ask these questions before I grab it. Do I really need this item? Will I really use it? Would I buy it if it wasn't marked down?

I do find myself buying stuff I don't need so I didn't save anything. The temptation to buy it can be great because it is marked so low. Really stop and think about some of the purchases you wouldn't have normally made. You think it's just a dollar or two, but these little purchases add up quickly. Don't let clearance fever take control of your better judgement. Take a deep breath, put it down, and walk away. You will be much happier in the long run.


Irene said...

raising hand..."Guilty", LOL. Why is it soooo hard to avoid impulse buying? Sheesh, my kids have nothing on me in that department!

Beat Black said...

ooo yes. I used to do this ALL the time. I still have all the clothes to prove it. Just because something is a good deal doesn't mean we have to take it home, lol

Now I grab everything I want and end up leaving it in a pile in front of the door before I leave... sales people probably hate me but I save my money :)

NotJustAMom said...

I'm a fool for the clearance rack, as well. Great site!

lori said...

Oh, I do this, but am trying to get it under control.

Buying something for a momentary "umph" is one thing, but paying off a bill is so much more fulfilling. (That's what I tell myself now when I go shopping, to help sort out the "must haves" from the "would like to have" purchases.

By the way, you've been tagged with an award. Come on by Confessions of a Baltimore Housewife to pick it up.

Marrid66 said...

I am soooo guilty of this.

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