Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TMR Frugal Living Tip #45

Today's thrifty tip is to invest in an extra freezer. My freezer on top of the refrigerator is pretty small so I can't really put much in it. I love to buy in bulk when I see a great sale on meats, frozen veggies, butter, cheese, and such. I also like to cook in double and triple batches to freeze the extras in smaller containers. I know some people are worried about the costs of running an extra freezer. The one I own only runs me an extra $5/mo in electricity. The savings in stocking up on great sales and not eating out will pay for itself easily in the course of a year. I got mine on a great clearance sale (less than $300) six years ago. It still runs perfectly. We are a small family of three, but I still like to have meals ready to go on those nights we don't feel like cooking or don't have time to cook. I also freeze some of the excess of my garden or if I receive fresh vegetables from a relative or friend.

If you still think it's too expensive to own one, then ask yourself these questions.

How much could I save in a week if I had a nice frozen meal to cook instead of eating out?

How much savings did I lose because I couldn't take full advantage of a great sale?

How much could I save on fresh fruits and vegetables I could grow myself to freeze?

How can you not afford an extra freezer?


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feefifoto said...

I read recently that one of the few consumer items that's selling well in this damaged economy is large freezers; families buy in bulk, prepare meals in advance and freeze them for later.

Felicia said...

I would love to have an extra freezer...but I need more room!

solitudesheep said...

How are you? I'm new to frugal living and to this blog site as well, you have allot of great tips!

Emily said...

Great tip! I've really been thinking about getting another freezer I hate having to cram everything in the small one!

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lori said...

Having an extra freezer is a must...unfortunately I don't have space right now for another freezer. In my next house (my dream house) I'll definitely have a big freezer with plenty of room to hold my great scores from Costco!

Great tip.

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Signe said...

ITA. We got one a year or so ago and I absolutely love it. Especially when food (meat, froz. veggies, turkeys) is on sale.

Steve Borgman said...

We were fortunate enough to have a freezer donated to us from a neighbor's church. It's truly beautiful to pick up loads of stuff on sale and stow it away for a time of need ;)