Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apologies To My Readers & EC Droppers

I have to say I'm sorry for not dropping at EC as much the last couple of weeks. I also have to say I'm sorry to my readers for not writing as much. I've been so busy with the last several weeks getting ready for Christmas, doing a Tupperware event with my mom, and volunteering a lot more at my son's school. I have been neglecting my other blogs more and barely keeping up with this one. I need to learn to manage my time a little better than I am right now.

I'm hoping that I will be able to start substitute teaching at my son's school after the Christmas break is over. The pay is pretty good for a mom who hasn't worked outside the home in almost 9 years. I sold on Ebay for the last 8 years and made enough money to supplement our income nicely. To be honest I'm bored. I have done the SAHM thing long enough. I want to get back out in the world of people again and, while I love chatting with some of my online friends, it's just not the same. The school said I would be able to work pretty much 40 hours a week. The schedule is great since I go to work and leave at the same time as my son, no weekends, and I get the same vacation so this is perfect. If I decide that I like working at the school, then I am planning on taking the para test so I can become a teacher aide next August. I'm excited about this new opportunity, but I will keep up with my blogs. I still enjoy writing them, and I plan on waking up earlier so I can still have time to write and drop before school.

I also have some changes in store for next year. I really want to do more contests and giveaways on all of my blogs. I also want to do more product reviews. Some of the reviews won't be compensated, but just something I want to do. I'm also curious about some of these "As Seen on TV" products. These reviews will be completely honest and not biased in the least. I might even give a few of these away. Definitely come back next week on New Year's Eve. I won't give out details yet, but it will tie in with goals and changes for the New Year.

I hope everyone has a very safe and Merry Christmas!


Glynis said...

Good luck to you for 2009 and your new adventures!

Lynne said...

Sounds like you have a well laid out plan for '09! Good luck and in the mean time, have a very merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

I like reading reviews. Have a blessed Christmas!

Overwhelmed Mom said...

Best of luck with returning to work!

john b said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kim said...

I have been subbing now for three years and I love it! I started out at my daughter's school and then branched out to the next closest school. I work almost everyday at one school or the other.

I had thought about trying to become a para-educator but to be honest here in Maryland, I make more money as a substitute plus I don't have to work on the days that the kids get out early, etc.
Plus if something comes up, I just say I can't work.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Laane said...


I'm one of your entrecard-droppers and I want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for entrecarddropping!

Brillie said...

Out Of Topic: I just want to say... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!

Ambrosia said...

Good luck in '09...I'm a SAHM, trying to get started working from home and I understand the need to connect!

I also wanted to say that your blog has been given the Lemonade Award! To check it out, please visit my other blog at

That blog won it and I'm passing it on to you as a way of saying "great blog...after all that typing, come take some time and relax with a refreshing lemonade!"