Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Getaway

My husband and I haven't had a vacation since our honeymoon. That was well over 10 years ago. We are planning our first family vacation next year to Walt Disney World. I thought it would be wonderful to have a nice weekend getaway, just the two of us, for our anniversary next year. I have never been to Las Vegas and would love to go one day soon. We aren't really into gambling, but there is so much to do and see on the strip. The best part is there is usually a great special combining air fare and las vegas suites to make the deal even sweeter.


Later Gator said...

I found Las Vegas to be very, very expensive. Hotel rooms were outrageously expensive. There was no free internet access in the rooms. The shows are also outrageously priced. Things may have changed since I went in October, with the economic downturn. I just found it far to expensive for the experience and I wasn't even paying for it!

Daisy said...

I found the opposite of the other poster-if you aren't into gambling, I think it can be a great deal! We go there often because we always find REALLY cheap hotel/air deals and we enjoy hitting all the hotels on the strip. When we gamble we just do nickel slots for fun-once I won $250 on those and paid for most of the trip! Also, there's lots of cheap buffets that fill you up all day long! Have fun!