Monday, January 19, 2009

Do You Watch The Young & Restless?

I admit it that I love Y&R. It's my only soap that I watch and have been watching since I was 10. My grandma lived with us and got me hooked. Does anyone else think that the truth about Chloe's baby will come out soon? I don't get why Cane didn't realize that Billy could have been the father since the paternity test said you are not excluded from the group. A group means more than one person. Hello?! Lily's aunt is a doctor so why not ask her. Ugh! Sometimes these little details that are ignored on the show makes me crazy. When did Abby become a teen? I love how a kid is 7 or 8 and comes back almost double the age.


A Trivita Mom said...

Yes spoilers are saying that the true paternity will be revealed. I love all the latest story lines that involve Nick/Phyllis/Sharon and Victor/Jack/Ashley I do not like the grown-up Abby character they need a better teen actress for the role