Monday, March 23, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed with Vacation Plans

I posted earlier that we are going to Walt Disney World for a family vacation this year. The closer we approach our departure date, I must admit I'm feeling overwhelmed with the planning process. We are staying on grounds at the Port of Orleans French Quarter resort. With the current buy 4 nights and get 3 free promotion, we were able to stay at the more expensive resort for only a couple hundred more than a value. We are also getting 7 base Magic Your Way tickets for all 3 of us. This is a fantastic deal considering last year we would have spent almost as much for only 5 days at Pop Century in a standard room with base tickets for only 4 days. We are also going to fly and use the Magic Express service Disney offers.

This was the easy part for me. Now I'm getting overwhelmed with all the smaller details of making a daily ternary for each park. Not to mention, I need to figure out which day we will be going to the parks. I am finding all of this extremely stressful. I do have a couple of books and maps of the parks that a friend of mine is letting me use. I also frequent the DIS discussion boards which has been very helpful. I do love organizing and planning, but I find this process to be intimidating. I decided to just take it one step at a time with which rides we want to do, and which we don't care about. We are planning on spending 2 days at Magic Kingdom since it's so big and has the majority of the rides on our list. Luckily we are mostly eating at counter service places so I don't have to worry about making reservations. We are definitely planning to eat at the T-Rex restaurant. My son is so excited and hitting the Lego store is also on the top of must do list at Disney. If anyone has any great tips, then I am definitely all ears (no pun intended).


Christine said...

i was just there last week. I have to tell you though one of the great things about Disney is they allow you to bring your own food and drinks in the park too. I loaded my backpack up with granola bars, twizzlers, and goldfish, so when we had long line waits, we could snack easily. Also you can bring in your own water bottles, and refill them all over the park to save some money. Have a blast!

Running mommy said...

Sounds like your vacation is a lot of work!Perhaps afterwards you could take a vacation.

I think it's very smart to plan ahead. That way when you're there, you can just enjoy yourself.

tracy said...

We saw this deal on tv the other day- wish we could do it, since it's sounds like a great one. Have fun, and take some snacks, since you know their food is going to be outrageous!

Naomi said...

Have a great time! We went 3 years ago but I can't wait to go back.