Thursday, May 26, 2011

TMR Frugal Living Tip #79

Today's frugal living tip is use Citrasolve and an old credit or debit card when removing paint splatters from wood floors. You should really use a drop cloth when painting. But if you are lazy like me, then these two items will make removing paint much easier. I really like the Citrasolve cleaner. It smells great and polished my wood floors making them look new again. I did try Goof Off, but it didn't smell nearly as nice. It also didn't work well at removing the paint. I had to really rub to get any paint up. I gave up and switched to the Citrasolve, and all those paint marks were cleaning up easily.

The credit card was great at removing tiny and big paint drops. I should mention my wood floors are unfinished which is probably why they look so polished. I then used a damp sponge mop with warm soapy water to wipe up the Citrasolve. In the future, I can say I will use a drop cloth when I paint my bedroom.


Alvin Y. said...

It's really advice to have a drop cloth or an old newspaper to cover the floor while painting. Thanks for the advice.

T.C. said...

I also do that too. It's really time consuming to clean those extra mess. I think I should use some old cloth instead. Thanks for the information.

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