Thursday, November 24, 2011

Broccoli Casserole- A Holiday Tradition


I first learned how to make this very tasty casserole when I was a teenager still living at home. I love to eat this dish every Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is one of those dishes that many people in my family ask me to bring or to make at the holidays. I wanted to share this very easy yet very yummy recipe. I have to add my husband, who loathes broccoli, absolutely loves this casserole and will go back for seconds.

The recipe as follows:
2 cans of Cream of Chicken soup
1 cup of uncooked white rice (2 cups cooked)
1/2 bag of frozen broccoli (I use a whole small bag)
cheese cubed (depends on how cheesy you would like)

As for the broccoli, I use Pic sweet frozen florets and one small bag. I usually get them on sale 2/$3 and I use the whole bag. You could use chopped but I just prefer the florets. I prefer to use Velveeta cheese as it melts so well and has a great cheesy taste. I will admit I usually buy the small block of Great Value brand as it's cheaper. I will use at least 3/4 of the smallest block. I do slice them into small cubes. It will be easier to mix into the casserole.

I have a smaller microwave so I put a small amount of water along with both cans of soup and the broccoli. Mix it as well as you can and put in for about 4 minutes. I take it out and stir it again. I microwave it for another 4-5 minutes. You might have a couple of pieces of broccoli that are still a little frozen but this is alright. It will finish cooking in the oven.

Next you will begin to add the rice and mix it in very well. I actually break up the rice into smaller chunks before adding it in the dish. Afterwards, you will add in the cheese. Try to spread it out and then mix it in well.

Last you will spread it all out after you mixed it well. You kinda just want to smooth the top so it looks nicer. I use a Pyrex glass dish. I find those glass dishes are so easy to cook with, and you just serve from that same dish once cooked. They also clean easier and won't stain. I have owned my Pyrex dishes for at least 10-12 years. They just last.

Now you will put the casserole uncovered into the oven for at least 15 minutes at 350. I personally find 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to have it cooked and the cheese a little bubbly. The edges may be a little browned but it's fine. I brought this to Thanksgiving dinner, and there was just enough leftover for me. I was happy everyone enjoyed it so much, but I just wished there was a little more left. If you try this recipe, then please let me know if you and your family enjoyed it as much as my family does.


Dawn Conklin said...

This looks delicious! I don't think I am going to wait until Christmas to try it tho :) Thank you for sharing this, I think my kids will love it!

Catherine said...

Dear Bonnie, This sounds easy and very delicious. I am following your blog and would love if you gave my blog a visit too and follow it if you like it. Thank you and blessings, Catherine

emszee said...

wanna try this one..looks delicious..tnx for sharing!..ahmm, just some question, is it like a paella but in a more different way?..

Bonnie said...

It's similar in some ways as the vegetables, rice, and such. I bet you could add in some cubed chicken if you wanted to make it more of an actual complete meal.

Sherry said...

I've used the same recipe. Other times I've substituted Cream of Mushroom soup for the Cream of Chicken. Either way, I typically pile in the cheese - shredded, cubed or whatever -- and use several kinds. It's a yummy casserole.

Small Town Mommy said...

That sounds so delicious. It has too much milk for me to make it but maybe I can enjoy if someone else serves it.

unikorna said...

wow Bonnie you astonish me, I had no idea you are an expert in the kitchen, it looks amazing, congrats. But I must say I'd love to see some pics of the turkey and the dinner arrangements ..:)and of you pretty and cute cooking in the kitchen :).

Bonnie said...

Why thank you. I would hardly call myself an expert. This is a super easy dish to make. I had a big pot of chicken and sausage gumbo that was so good. It hit the spot with all this cold weather. I didn't cook but just brought this to my parent's house for dinner. She did all the cooking.