Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tophatter Live Auction Site- Where Moms go to Bid

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As a mom, I am always on the lookout for unique gifts for the kids on my shopping list. I like to give gifts that are creative and even crafty in nature. I also like to buy from other moms and small businesses. I was thrilled when I came across the Tophatter live auctions website.

Tophatter runs live auctions daily starting at 9AM pacific time. You can browse the lots to see what will be offered, and see pictures and descriptions of each item listed. There is a tutorial I recommend you view to get an idea of how to bid.

The most exciting part of the whole website is you will be bidding against other moms in a live auction. There is a timer so get your bid in before time runs out. What makes this site unique is you will see an animated auctioneer and people standing around. You can also preview the next lot up for auction.

Tophatter has created a social experience for the other bidders to chat with one another. You can hang out and chat while bidding. I know I will be going back to visit often to find great gifts.

I saved the best for last. Tophatter is offering 10% off your first purchase just by sharing on facebook! Get your bids in on that special item before it's sold to the highest bidder.

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Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing this website. I just signed up for it. It looks great. I'll have to see find out how to get my handmade items featured for sale.

Small Town Mommy said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I am scared of Ebay since you hear so many horror stories about it but this sounds like it's a lot lower profile and not as scary.

Bonnie said...

It looks like they have a place to sign up to sell your wares. Good luck and let me know if you get on and how you do with it. The site looks really fun and hope it does well.

Periwinkle Paradise said...

Wow, I love this site! I bought something and sold something in the same auction :)! I love your blog post.

Do you know of any other sites similar to this or is it like the first of it's kind? I have never seen a live auction site for crafts, but I am already addicted lol and want to find similar sites!!

Bonnie said...

I am so glad you were able to sell your wares. That is very encouraging news.

Sorry but I don't know of any similar sites. Good luck with Tophatter and hopefully you can sell many of your items on that site. :)