Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Small Update to BoomerTowne

I received credit for 10 referrals for the month of May. It was a bonus month where you received 20,000 for each set of 5 so my balance was over 40,000 points. I was able to cash out 3 more Best Buy GC's! I have now cashed out $100 worth of Best Buy gc's and almost halfway of getting our Wii. The next problem will be actually finding one at my store. I could have redeemed a Wii on their site but I was worried that they may have run out before I had enough points. It was actually 17,500 points cheaper getting the Best Buy cards. I also signed up another 7 people for this month so next month will be another 10,000 points just for referrals. I love this site. If interested in joining this great community then just send me an email below asking for an invite.

Email For BoomerTowne Invite!


MsFit said...

Love your blog.
Lots of good stuff.
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Hope we can keep in touch.


Cindy Ashworth said...

I stumbled on your blog from your plug button. Thanks for visiting my blog, as well...
I will visit often... I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

So did you get any of your Boomertowne Cards yet?

Bonnie said...

Nope. They won't mail out the cards I redeemed in June until next month. It does say on the site 4-8 weeks but it's actually taking longer. I hope they get this resolved that it doesn't take quite so long to receive. I know of a couple of people who have gotten theirs and all was good. I will post another update and even post a picture when I actually get them next month.