Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BoomerTowne Bites the Dust!

I have been meaning to blog about this for a couple of weeks, but it does seem that BoomerTowne has shut down for good. I had $300 in pending gift cards that I will never see which is sad. I knew something was wrong when it was August, and the May rewards were still pending. I'm sorry to everyone I referred that wasted their time and will never get their reward. They were sending them out prior to May, otherwise, I would never joined in the first place. It's very upsetting when a site just disappears in the night and no message or warning. I did send an email to the company that was in charge of rewards but this is the reply I received below.

Thank you for your e-mail.

While Laughlin/Constable was hired by the owner to develop and maintain certain aspects of the site, Laughlin/Constable does not own the site; was never responsible for any aspect of the points program; and no longer is working with the owner or manager of the site.

The owner has not returned our calls and has not left us with forwarding information.




Melissa said...

I was a member at Boomertowne too, I even enjoyed it. I was a new member, and had not earned any cards, but I quit not long after joining when I heard they were not paying their members. I hope they make good on the people they owe. Like any other job they should be held accountable to that.

Irene said...

aw..sorry you won't get your gift cards, that sucks. Maybe somehow they'll do the right thing and make good on them after all!

Teletwenties said...

I wasted a lot of hours at Boomertowne, hoping for those giftcards. I too had sent away for one. Safe to say their gone now I bet!

Kelly Lantz said...

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