Monday, September 29, 2008

Is Your Child Safe?

I constantly worry about my son's safety in many ways. I worry about him crossing the street and being kidnapped. I also have to worry about if my neighbors are sex offenders. Child Molesters have to register in my state, and you can check out where they live by typing in a zip code. This is a great way to check out how safe your neighborhood is where you live. You can also get a full name, address, picture, and other information. Protect your family with this great website.


Melissa said...

We have a database, as well. I do not frequent it often, but I do check to be sure if there are any living near to us. It is sad we have to worry about such things.

Private EYE said...

This is the second blog I have seen this morning with a link to a predator website. It is great to see people spreading the word about these wonderful resources. Thank you for spreading the word.