Monday, October 13, 2008

Socks Make Great Stocking Stuffers

I have several teenage nieces, and I have such a hard time shopping for them. I always try to find cute and trendy items to put in their stockings for Christmas. I recently found a great brand called Hue. They have some really cute socks on their website. The styles were also perfect for my nieces. They had ankle style socks, cashmere, boot socks, and so much more. The colors are fun and vibrant, and there were also some very cool pattern ones. This is definitely a brand that will be a huge hit with them. The best part is many of the socks were one size fits all so no guessing on my part. If you have a hard to shop for person on your list, then check out this great site.


The Diva said...

Oh my goodness! I was just thinking that yesterday as I saw my brother-in-law take off his shoes to reveal more hole than socks.


Lisa H said...

My daughter loves to get socks in her Christmas stocking, I also put them in the Easter baskets. Great tip!