Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TMR Frugal Living Tip #71

Today's thrifty living tip is decrease your amount of laundry. How do you ask? There are two simple tricks I use in my household. First is to use a towel more than once. We don't use washcloths, but the towel that only dries hands can be used for a week. The same thing for the bath towel. I make sure to hang it so it will dry between uses. We also wear our pajamas for 2-3 nights before calling them dirty. I have 2 pairs that I rotate nightly so I only have to wash 2 each week. I don't wear my pajamas all day and only for bed. I also don't wash clothes that I only wore for an hour or two like dress clothes for church. Unless I got sweaty, there is no need to wash them since they aren't dirty. This has helped cut down on the amount of laundry we do each week.


jules said...

Amen to less laundry!

used cars by owner said...

Cleaning, cooking, kids clothing, home decor- any FRUGAL or budget tips you have, please post them here as an answer!! 10 pts to the one who comes up with the most money saving, frugal living ideas!

My Favorite Deals Blog said...

I just found your blog through entrecard. I love the tips I've read so far!
Thanks for sharing :) I'll be back.